ID :OMG H2 hotend kit

  1. 24v DC IN  24°  P≈60w
  2. (R:10+-1Ω)
  3. Temperature sensor: NTC100K
  4. Nozzle Compatible :E3D V5 V6 MK8
  5. H2 hotend weight: 70g
  6. Recommended temperature Max: 300°C
  7. Installation: M3 thread hole distance 14-17mm

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      user says:

      Hi Cyril

      P is the power resistor,
      U is the input voltage, support 12-24v
      I is the current through the resistor,
      R is the resistance value of the resistor.
      24°C temperature measuring resistance:(R:10+-1Ω)

      Nozzle Compatible :E3D V5 V6 MK8

      The temperature of the R value increases and becomes larger, and the P power becomes smaller.
      The core heated MCH ceramic ring supports a 500°C temperature rise.

      Because the cooling end Teflon material supports up to 280 ℃
      At the same time, the temperature measurement thermistor is NTC100K and supports 320°C

      Recommended operating temperature does not exceed 300°C

      The high temperature version H2-RPO hot end will be sold later
      Use PT100 for temperature measurement
      Support MAX 500℃

      MY3D Team


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