OMG V2S Extruder Assembly


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Test Filament Gear Pressure
Adjust the spring

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  1. Riccardo Depetro
    Riccardo Depetro says:

    Hallo, I have bought a F1 extruder and it seem to be of excellent quality. I have to mount it on a FLSun Super Racer. I have one question: do You recommend a mounting direction or it is fully reversible? Do have already received a feedback on any adjustment to be e-step setting for this specific machine? Do You have any suggestion for properly set the pressure on filaments for different filaments types (PLA vs ABS vs TPU vs Nylon for example)?
    Thank You in advance and again compliments for the excellent quality of Your product.

    Best regards

    Riccardo Depetro

    • 用户
      用户 says:

      The installation direction of OMG F1 series extruder can be used for both left and right hands. The direction of the filament can be adjusted freely,
      The filament direction can also be modified by adjusting the firmware

      E-STEP information can be viewed

      Recommendation: Test fine-tuning after setup.

  2. Andre
    Andre says:

    Hi guys, Please assist on how to attach the f1 extruder to a hotend eg a V6, this is driving me nuts as no-one apparently shows this and I cannot comprehend how a good filament path is possible without this..
    Please help?



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