E-Step value is affected by the following 4 factors
• 1 Motor step angle 1.8° or 0.9°
• 2 Motor drive subdivision value 16 32 64…
• 3 Extruder reduction ratio 1:3
• 4 Filament gear diameter 8.4mm +-0.1

1/ Use notepad to write the following code (red words) in the computer. Save the file to the TF card – file format is .gcode
2/ Insert the TF card into the printer and start printing to modify the E-step (the original value is 93)

M92 E370

370 is a modifiable value. If using a motor it is a 0.9° step angle. Please modify it to 740

The following picture is after modification to check whether the step value is correct

(Model Ender 3 v2s)

If you change to a new TF card, you need to print the firmware again, or copy the EEPRO file to the new card

Note: After modifying the step value DAT format files will be generated in the TF card
The name is: EEPRO
If deleted, restart the 3D printer,
The original value of 93 will be restored,

For non-professionals, please consult the motherboard supplier for modification.

Some motherboards such as MKS modify the step value method
Main board firmware modification code:
#Default Axis-E Steps Per Unit (steps/mm)

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