Retraction settings

Direct drive: speed 5mm/S distance 5mm

Remote Feed Filament: Speed 10mm/s Distance 10mm

Filament hot end blocked:
1/ Filament material contains metal debris impurities.
2/Hot end: There is a gap between the heating part and the Teflon contact part.
3/Retraction settings:

Filament on the hot end: needs to be softened-melted and extruded.
During Retraction, the filament is pulled back, the melted part cannot be pulled back,
Soften the filament (it will be thinned in a Teflon tube).
When the extruder extrudes the filament normally,
The filament body builds up pressure in the thermal cavity,
Filament not completely melted
Blocking blocks can be formed at the hot and cold joints
cause the filament to clog.

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